Ultimate Air Hockey Table Buyers Guide | Game Dribble

August 31, 2020 5 min read

Ultimate Air Hockey Table Buyers Guide | Game Dribble

Remember going to the arcades and challenging one another in air hockey? And that feeling when it was over but you did not quite have your fill of the game? Well, then you need to get yourself an Air Hockey Table right now! But wait, what kind should you buy? There are so many of them…

Game Dribble's Guide is here to give you the solution!

Table of Contents:

  • Size Matters
  • Who's playing the game?
  • Air Motor
  • Detailed Observation


Size Matters

When it comes to sizes there’s always a choice from smallest to largest. The smaller ones ranging from L 4’ / W 2’ for kids to larger ones ranging L 8’ / W 4’. So you need to consider where you are going to place it. Ideally you double the dimensions for a perfect environment. 

Fat Cat Supernova LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table

Fat Cat Supernova LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table

Check Price #1

Fat Cat Supernova LED Light-Up Air Hockey Table features a powerful motor supplying a generous cushion of air, the Supernova plays faster than any table that has come before it. This high-tech table features an exclusive LED lighting system that gives each game a unique experience from other tables.

So for the big tables you would want to have 16’ Long and 8’ wide room. This is primarily so that the players can have all the wiggle room they need and of course the room to not take the frustration of being losers out on the game table! 

Dynamo 8' Pro Style Air Hockey Table

Dynamo 8' Pro Style Air Hockey Table

Check Price #2

A Dynamo Pro Style is an investment in quality for years to come. Approved for play by the U.S. Air-Table Hockey Association. Featuring a non-coated aluminum rails for fast deflection and sturdiness along with Dyna-Blast blower system for powerful and reliable performance.


Who’s playing the game?

As you probably have seen in Game Dribble’s  catalogs there are air hockeys for kids, teens and adults. The tables for kids are typically of lighter build and obviously smaller in size. Tables such as Mini Air Hockey, Air Hockey for Kids, Combo game tables are designed for children to play. These are made with great care to ensure that the little ones love the game.

Fat Cat Polar Blast 6' Folding Air Hockey Table

Fat Cat Polar Blast 6' Folding Air Hockey Table

Check Price #3

This innovative design couples compact construction with surprising portability. For those that are tight on space and want to enjoy their favorite classic table game, the Polar Blast is the perfect solution! High strength material means not sacrificing quality for space, as the surface of the Polar Blast will be sure to play smooth and fast. Featuring a sleek modern playfield, this air hockey table will complement any decor.

The bigger tables, however, are sturdy and heavy. They will stand like a rock even in the heat of the fast paced match with powerful puck shots and outburst of joy or frustration!

Gold Standard Games Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table

Gold Standard Games Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table

Check Price #5

Gold Standard Games Tournament Ice Air Hockey Table is designed so that the puck bounces off of the walls of the table with almost the same force with which it was applied to in the first place. Thus keeping the gameplay quality high and on a professional level.

Air Motor

What makes an Air Hockey an AIR Hockey is its primary piece of machinery - the air blowing motor. Standard power output is 110V but there are more powerful ones.

When air is introduced through the small holes on top of the table that is what makes that puck slide lightning fast. That right there is the gist of the game. It will challenge anyone to their best ability of reflex.

Additionally there are Hockey table games with no air blower, but its pucks are much harder to push around and tend to be less of a joyful experience. 

When it comes to battery powered and cable connected air motor we recommend the cable option. Battery powered ones do not give the same level of gameplay. Also, once the battery juice is depleted then it is time to change it. Extra unwanted costs right there. So when looking at an Air Hockey Table make sure to check for the air blower motor - anything above the standard voltage of 110V means faster pucks!

Detailed Observation

Time to get a bit more technical only because you want the best choice for you. Leg levelers, construction material, pucks, mallets, scoring system - these are the primary advanced details observation you need. 

Leg levelers are situated right at the base of the hockey table’s legs. These ensure that on any type of terrain the table stays leveled. That’s what you need for optimal experience. Not OK if tilted a little bit on this side or that, keep it leveled and stable. 

Construction material differences occur over time. For example after playing for months you might see maybe the side walls of the table are chipped away a little, or the goal pocket is dented, or the table legs are cracking. These are all late signs that you made a poor choice a couple of months back. Luckily, now you know that you need a wear-resistant laminate top for increased durability to stand the test of time; Additionally, look for heavy-duty player friendly goal construction; professional-style low profile, high-density aluminum rails for maximum bounce and bankability; commercial-quality cabinet and leg construction designed for years of heavy use. 

Pucks come in various shapes and sizes. The standard size is regulated by the table model. But if you want to spice things up a bit you can find glowing pucks, blacklight pucks and different solid color pucks! This will definitely introduce some extra dimension to the gameplay. 

Mallets also have different sizes. The biggest ones could be 4” wide. As the table is larger in size so is the mallet. We recommend going with mallets without any sort of protection from the bottom, since these actually protect your mullets on the expanse of the table! 

Scoring system can be manual or electric. While electric is very practical it does add cost to the table. Something to keep in mind if the budget friendly option is the one you are looking for. The manual scoring option’s privileges are more subtle in nature. Say there was an accidental goal, then it can be agreed upon to be ignored and not count it, or simply you might like to keep your own score. It is a matter of preference really. 


Air hockey is definitely a fast paced super exciting game to have. It is easily one of the mainstay games in your game room to entertain you and your family and friends.

If you feel like Game Dribble's guide has not made you confident enough to make a decision on your future air hockey table, then give us a call and our knowledgeable staff can help you with any further inquiries!

Gega Gogibedashvili
Gega Gogibedashvili

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