Ultimate Foosball Table Buyers Guide | Game Dribble

August 31, 2020 8 min read

Ultimate Foosball Table Buyers Guide | Game Dribble

Best Buying Guide For Foosball Tables

Table of contents:

  • Why buy a foosball table?
  • How to choose the right table for you
  • Who is going to play?
  • Where do you plan on playing?
  • Money on your mind?
  • Budget friendlies are out there too
  • Custom Foosball Tables

First of all I would like to congratulate you dear reader for you are making an excellent decision! Having a foosball table is a positive addition to your life. Whether for home or commercial use, it is simply one of the marvels of human creation. Without further ado let’s proceed to the guide.


Why buy a foosball table?

People socializing around a Dining Foosball Table


There are multiple reasons for owning a table game which involves more than one player, the drive to win and most importantly the memories!

Foosball is awesome when played with family and friends. Having one at home will almost always feel inviting. Call your dad or sis and have at it for a dare! Or play with friends and show them who owns it! And from time to time you’ll recall what a blast you had while playing it. Sounds terrific, right?

One way or another it will feel like you are achieving something. Not to mention it’s a great stress reliever too. Which reminds me to recommend putting a foosball table in your office.


How to choose the right foosball table for you?

Foosball in a cafe


To make it clear what you are looking at here is what type of foosball tables you can find on Game Dribble: Foosball table for kids; professional; modern; wood; for outdoors; coin-operated; multiple game tables (e.g. 3 in 1 tables);dining tables; oversized tables; mini tables; foldable and custom. We’ll go in more detail on each one as we move further down through the guide.


Who is going to play?

The first thing you should be thinking when considering buying a foosball table is who is going to play with it: just kids or adults too? A beginner, hobby player or a pro? These questions are one of the decision making influencers, so make sure to be clear on the answer.

Now, table top foosballs are only for children to play. The major reason being if an adult plays  it with full or even semi engagement that will most likely physically damage the game beyond recovery.


Hathaway 38" Sidekick Foosball Table in Blue

Hathaway 38" Sidekick Foosball Table in Blue

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Delight your kids with classic foosball action with the Sidekick Tabletop Soccer game. This dazzling table packs a full-sized feel inside of a convenient, portable package. Its 9 player, 3-goalie configuration provides tournament-level fun, while its lightweight frame makes it easy to transport and store. This table is built to last, with sturdy, engineered-wood construction that provides superior durability over particle board or plastic. The Sidekick’s tough, ABS plastic players are built to last. Rugged L-shaped legs can support hours of intense soccer action, while non-marking pads protect floors and furniture from scratching. High quality, chrome-plated steel rods with ergonomic handles will not bend or warp. The Sidekick features a slide scoring system on each goal and an automatic ball return.


Additionally, a perfect option for kids is mini foosball tables, and tables that have adjustable or telescopic legs. You can use this to change the height of the table any time you feel the need to. Table fit to be played by adults or teens, however, is very sturdy and won’t budge during gameplay.


 Garlando Class with Glass Top Foosball Table

Garlando Class with Glass Top Foosball Table


Check Price #2


On request Garlando Class with Glass Top Foosball Table can be equipped with telescopic safety bars, having the same technical features as the going-through type. The difference is in the functioning, to obtain the maximum level of safety


Next you’ll be wondering “then what kind of foosball does a beginner or a pro would want to get?”. Excellent question! A beginner player can feel awesome while playing Garlando G-500 for example and doesn’t have to settle for anything less.


Garlando G-500WH Pure White Indoor Foosball Table

Garlando G500WH Pure White Foosball Table

Check Price #3


However, if a beginner is planning to become a professional then there are options to get championship level tables right off the bet. These tables are designed for exactly what the name suggests: Championship, Competition, Master vs. Master level gameplay! Of course the reason being for doing this for a beginner gamer is to get used to the highest level of game out there - one learns from the best!


Garlando Master Champion Foosball Table

Garlando Master Champion Foosball Table

 Check Price #5


This freeplay version of the World Champion sums up the same excellent features as the coin operated model in a home product and is the official ITSF model for the international competitions of the category International,Master Series and Pro Tour.

Used by the professional players in tournaments worldwide, it boasts competition score counters and leg levellers, rubbers on the bars and distancer to keep the goalkeeper within the goal range, among the many others. 


There’s more, XXL Foosball Tables! Ever walked into a bar and saw a bunch of people gathered around a standard sized foosball table and cheering for the 2 players? Maybe yes, maybe no. What about a lot of people playing Foosball, and I mean A LOT? Yes, XXL Foosball Table allows up to 8 and even 16 players! Place this in a bar or out back in the yard and make that party a total blast! The image on the right shows Tornado’s 16 player Foosball table. Thank goodness it has dual-ended ball return or you would have been tired of walking.


Tornado 16 Player Foosball Table

Tornado 16 Player Foosball Table

Check Price #6



Where do you plan on playing?

Two girls one Foosball Table


Make sure that you get this one right: indoor or outdoor foosball table? If you place an indoor foosball table out in the open exposed to the elements, then you will be ruining a piece of art. Keeping an outdoor foosball always indoors, then you are not exploiting its full potential.

An indoor foosball table can seamlessly fit in with your house furniture. Some are even combinations of dining tables. These are called simply -Foosball Dining Tables. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a game or two between meals to pass the time and of course have some fun! Also, if you have little space indoors, want more games than one and you absolutely have to keep it at home, then you might want to consider multi game tables, a.k.a. combo tables. These bad boys come in 3-in-1 or even 7-in-1 tables!


Hathaway Matrix 54” 7-in-1 Multi Game Table

 Hathaway Matrix 54" 7-in-1 Multi Game Table


Check Price #7


7 games, all possible to be played on this game table. From top to bottom we have: Foosball, Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Glide Hockey, Table Tennis and Billiards!


Additionally, if space is really such a problem then you need not worry. Enter Folding Foosball Tables. Available in any type of budget range, these tables have foldable legs to be easily stored or even reducing shipping costs due to its smaller packaging size. Many people make a mistake when assuming that this feature is at the expense of some other feature which at the end reduces the gameplay quality. Rest assured, foldable types are designed just as good as stationary ones. It will give you the satisfaction you are after, that’s a guarantee!


Garlando Master Pro Indoor Foosball Table (Folding Legs)

Garlando Master Pro Indoor Foosball Table (Folding Legs)


Check Price #8


An indoor professional table with folding legs for easy storage where the space is limited.The legs panels allow the table a great stability during use.

When equipped with telescopic safety bars (on request) the table ensures the highest protection for children’s eyes and face.


Now imagine what an outdoor foosballtable would be like! First off, it’s designed to withstand any weather condition. We are talking chrome plating, bolts, nuts and screws with tropical treatment to fight rust. Second, the outdoor landscape. For this the tables are fitted with leg levelers to adjust to any and all kinds of terrain. Remember, you gotta keep that playfield perfectly level to ensure fair play.



Bonzini B90 Home


Check Price #9

The traditional red rails, natural beech color cabinet, and black legs are the iconic traits known world-wide to foosball players and enthusiasts. The ball return, specifically found on Bonzini USA models, is conveniently placed to provide easy ball retrieval for those needed practice sessions.


Money on your mind?

Now if you are thinking of running a business and decide that a foosball table is a good idea then you are absolutely right! What you need is a Coin-operated Foosball Table.

This coin-operated Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table for example is designed with care and maximum security. The money collecting systems do not change or impede the game flow in any way and at the same time ensures the collecting happens safely without any spillage. However, due to this high-tech construction you can expect a higher cost compared to home foosball tables.


Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table

Tornado T3000 Coin Operated Foosball Table in Crimson Red


Check Price #10


Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table features 5-coin push chute mechanism. Factory set at $0.75 a play, but easily adjustable for free play to $1.25 a play, or for a wide variety of tokens or coins. 


Which brings us to our next topic the budget friendly foosball tables.


Budget friendlies are out there too

Don’t feel down when you hear ‘’budget friendly’’, because probably you are imagining a foosball which won’t really give you that satisfaction you were hyped about beforehand. This is not so. The Foosball gaming giants such as Garlando, RS Barcelona, Tornado and many others have one word on their mind when doing what they love - Joy. This is the main reason why all their games are made with love and care. Yes, there are cheaper ones and yes, there are luxurious ones with gold platings and what not. Just keep in mind what features best fit your case and then choose.


Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado Sport Foosball Table


Check Price #11


Tornado Sport Foosball Table has long been one of the sturdiest of game tables with elegant Mahogany Melamine finish yet costing very reasonable amount. It's the perfect table for starters and the more experienced player. Tornado Sport is built to the same exacting quality standards as the rest of the Tornado product line.


Custom Foosball Tables

Tornado Rustic Foosball Table

At Game Dribble you will come across some tables which are very distinct from all the rest, a good example of this would be the hand crafted foosball tables. Some brands make it so that the table is so unique that each piece of wood or metal is the only one of its looks – the dents, the curves, the small changes of width as the climate changes from hot to cold. All these features give special character to the table.   


Tornado Rustic Furniture Foosball Table

Tornado Rustic Foosball Table


Check Price #12


Tornado Rustic Furniture Foosball Table is just one example of crafted foosball tables. If Rustic is not really what you might like then consider other styles such as Tornado Worthington Furniture Style Foosball Table or Bonzini B90 Home Foosball Table


While some brands are specializing in only playfield design, Bonzini offers customization options of the cabinet, playfield, handles and more. You are able to change from different handles for varying ergonomic feels, the field itself the type of ball and more! To describe the possibilities in higher detail: the playfield can be either lined or plain green; the cabinet laminate surface can be custom made. Different types of balls can be played with, for example cork or lacquered balls.


Bonzini 12 Grand Tiroirs Foosball Table

Bonzini 12 Grand Tiroirs Foosball Table


Check Price #14


Lastly, a fine piece from BonziniBonzini 12 Grand Tiroirs Foosball Table.This one features a drawer cabinets for extra storage. The material is beech and also beech laminate is used. So not only does it saves space by giving extra storage in the room, but it also will look seamless with the rest of the room furniture. If it doesn’t look that way then it will stand out. Which means that a great piece of art is making itself known!


To conclude, playing Foosball is a joyful experience and you will have your moments to remember. At Game Dribble you have the opportunity to choose exactly which Foosball Table is right for you!


Gega Gogibedashvili
Gega Gogibedashvili

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