Best Pool Tables in 2021: Professional and Budget Options

October 07, 2021 8 min read

If you're a pool player and you're looking for the best pool tables in 2021, then this blog post is for you. We surveyed over 100 people who we know play pool and we compiled their responses to come up with our list of the best tables on the market.

The first thing that caught our attention was "the feel." When players were asked what they thought about how it felt when playing on these tables, everyone said they loved it!

What's your favorite type of table? See if one of these is right for you! There are so many great options out there and we hope that by reading this blog post, you'll find the one.

Article Outline

  • Best Pool Tables Around $1000 In 2021
  1. Triumph Phoenix 7' Pool Table
  2. Mizerak Dynasty 6.5' Pool Table
  3. Fat Cat Reno II 7.5' Pool Table
  4. American Legend Kirkwood 7.5' Pool Table
  • Best High-End Pool Tables In 2021
  1. Dynamo Sedona Pool Table
  2. Mizerak Dakota 8' Pool Table
  3. Shelti Bayside Pool Table
  4. Valley Panther Black Cat Pool Table
  • Conclusion

Best Pool Tables Around $1000 In 2021

Triumph Phoenix 7' Pool Table

triumph phoenix
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A perfect pool table suited for casual players, the Triumph Phoenix is an overwhelming favorite among customers. It has a high-quality construction and durable design that will last for years to come.

While the table does not feature the automatic ball return system it performs well with regards to the overall playability. The size is convenient, making it a perfect choice for most homes. The price is also affordable and makes this an easy purchase for only $699.00. Various features and attributes contribute to making this table comfortable, namely the easily adjustable leg levelers, for leveling the pool table on an uneven floor; slate alternative bed for reducing overall weight; and of course the ping pong conversion top.

That's right, the Phoenix accommodates not only pool fans but ping pong as well. The conversion top goes exactly on top of the pool table and protects its felt from scratches with EVA pads from underneath.

Overall, the Triumph Phoenix 7' pool table is a well-designed, high-quality 2-in-1 pool table. It is an excellent choice for recreational players.

Mizerak Dynasty 6.5' Pool Table

mizerak dynasty
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Named after a famous pool player in US pool history Steve Mizerak, the Mizerak Dynasty is another good option for new and experienced players but who are tight on space or just want a relatively compact-sized table. This is a classic-looking pool table with elegant detailing.

The cabinet is made of engineered wood and features a beautiful bamboo finish. The felt is green with black striped cabinet corners that provide an attractive contrast between the pool balls and cues. The table also features a ball return system which means you're less likely to lose a ball as it will return automatically.

Check out how it looks and plays in a room setting:

When it comes to the play-bed, the piece on which the felt is attached, and where you actually play, professional pool players have all agreed that slate is the best option. A slate is a flattened and polished piece of rock. However, there are slate alternatives that are near to the slate pool table experience. The Mizerak Dynasty has a double-sealed MDF play-bed. This type of bed resists wrapping over time and balls roll well. The bed not being slate also contributes to its overall weight than with. The Dynasty weighs only 220 lbs. Of the people we surveyed they all loved playing on the slate alternatives, in fact sometimes they could not even tell the difference!

To summarize, the Mizerak Dynasty 6.5' pool table is a space saver option that delivers an excellent pool experience even though its size is compact than your usual tables. And don't forget its low price of $749.00!

Fat Cat Reno II 7.5' Pool Table

fat cat reno
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The Reno is a brilliant choice for the home. For only $1225.00 the table entertains pool and ping pong lovers alike as it comes with a ping pong conversion top. It is a great table for families, and its compact size makes it an excellent choice for tight spaces.

While the red felt, maple veneer with cherry finish is not everyone's cup of tea, it is sure to be a conversation piece in your game room. Drop pockets are a classic French design, evoking images of billiards tables of days gone by. This table, which features taper-legged legs that go well with the traditional design, looks fantastic in modern areas as well. The legs have leveling mechanisms to ensure a level playing field.

See how it can be assembled to have a better idea:

The playing field is finished off with a lavish crimson cover, which can endure the test of time and seems fantastic while doing it. The Reno II is a pool table with all of the characteristics of a pool table at an affordable price. This is made evident with the Accuslate playing surface, just beneath the cloth cover. Accuslate gives you a long-lasting, non-warping surface for years at a fraction of the cost of installing a slate tabletop. What's more, the table overall weight is only 310 lbs.

1.5" thick solid maple rails surround the playing surface, with white diamond inlays, to assist you to line up your shots. The K66 rubber bumpers on these rails will retain their bounce for years to come, despite their toughness.

To summarise, the Fat Cat Reno II pool table is a fantastic option for your pool playing needs and a ping pong game on the side. This affordable table stands the test of time and is of reasonable size.

American Legend Kirkwood 7.5' Pool Table

american legend kirkwood
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The Kirkwood by American Legend is a stunning pool table that will look perfect in your home. It has superior construction and comes at an affordable price of $989.00.

The table features black cloth, a grey rustic frame, and modern-style k-shaped legs. It is equipped with K66 rubber bumpers on the rails that will ensure the ball rebounds with almost the same force it hit the table. This will ensure you get a true and consistent bounce every time.

See here how it looks in action:

The bed is 1.42" thick engineered wood that's designed to resist warping. This feature positively affects the table weight and makes it easier to assemble and move around the room. The table weighs only 280 lbs.

In conclusion, this is a high-quality pool table that will last for years and provide lots of fun with friends or family.

Best High-End Pool Tables In 2021

Dynamo Sedona Pool Table

Dynamo Sedona
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Our first entry in professional pool tables is the Dynamo Sedona. This beast is a single slate bar table with a coin-chute mechanism and card reader too. Without a doubt, it's an excellent addition to any business.

Some people that we surveyed played on this in bars and remarkably they've all noted that the table was very quiet. There is a good reason for this. The company that makes these tables, Dynamo, has implemented a special ball return system that is designed to make as little noise as possible. This feature actually gives a stunning experience in game rooms or bars. Imagine being used to hearing all that ball clashing and cracking noise once they're pocketed. All of that is dulled out and it is very unusual to hear a pool table being this quiet, not to mention how satisfying being in such an environment becomes.

The Sedona comes in three sizes: 88", 93", and 102". This table is very heavy already at its smallest size - 650 lbs. Luckily, Dynamo makes Sedonas 90% pre-assembled so only legs need to be attached for the table to be ready to be used. The legs of course have levelers that can be adjusted easily and are ABS molded for extra reinforcement.

The improved programmability allows for program copy, league dues, additional happy hour, and bonus pricing options. As well as featuring MEI bill acceptor to increase the chances of collecting many types of bills.

To summarise, the Dynamo Sedona pool table is a must-have if you want to turn a revenue and want to make your bar or establishment look stunning.

Mizerak Dakota 8' Pool Table

mizerak dakota
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Yet another pool table from the well-established brand - Mizerak. The Dakota is a solid 8-foot slate pool table for home, bar, or community center use.

The table is rocking light purplish-blue felt and has a black cabinet and chrome accents with an automatic ball return system. This pool table comes standard with 3 5/8" rails and K66 nose rubber cushions, which guarantee real rebound and a good billiards experience.

The Dakota is a table with a smooth and fast surface made of a wool blend blue cloth. To keep the surface level and steady, this table has reinforced legs with levelers, allowing you to compensate for any irregularities in your flooring. Dakota features a robust metal frame and laminate cabinet for added structural integrity.

Check out how it's played:

The table needs to be assembled and it weighs around 550 lbs. It has a three-piece slate, which is the standard for quality tables in this category.

To conclude, the Mizerak Dakota is a high-end pool table that has everything you might need from such a product.

Shelti Bayside Pool Table

shelti bayside
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The Shelti Bayside pool table is a professional-grade table built right here, in Bay City, Michigan. It can be manufactured with or without a coin mechanism, which is perfect for either business use (coin) and personal use (no-coin). The table features a slate bed, so it's built like any professional pool table.

The Bayside is the premier choice when you're looking for an excellent pool table that will last through years of intense gaming. It comes standard in green felt and the cabinet laminate can be either sovereign cherry or charcoal black color.

The Shelti Bayside Home features a magnetic cue ball separator that was previously available only on coin-operated tables. This table, like other versions put in taverns and pool halls across the United States, has a robust high-pressure laminate covering, die-cast corners, and massive legs that help it endure almost everything.

The anodized aluminum rail trim is fully covered and fastened below the rail to minimize contact and snags with clothing. The Pro-Am Cushion Rubber is bolted to the rails with a plastic shoulder washer to ensure that the cushion rail is at the correct play height. It has been tested and proven to provide excellent ball rebound and accuracy off the rails.

The Bayside's smallest version the 88" model weighs about 575 lbs, and bigger sizes can be manufactured as well, for example, 93" and 101" models. The weights for these are 635 lbs and 785 lbs respectively.

In conclusion, the Shelti Bayside pool table is a professional-grade, sturdy, slate-bed beast that withstands years on end gameplay without wobbling or virtually anything getting damaged with casual or rigorous play.

Valley Panther Black Cat Pool Table

valley panther black cat
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We saved the best for last - Valley is a well know and reputable brand in the pool table industry. It's one of the most iconic tables is the Panther Black Cat. The table has aluminum rail support, high-visibility white sights, disguised-screw side and end trim, and player-friendly flush-mount corners and pockets.

A true professional table that is tournament-tested. The Panther Black comes in different laminates other than Charcoal Black, namely Highland Maple or Cherry. It is available in 88", 93", and 101" sizes, and the weight for the 93" model, which is the choice of almost every customer, is 700 lbs. Just like Dynamo Sedona, Valley makes its pool tables 90% pre-assembled as well. So even though it weighs that much all that needs to be done is legs to be attached.

Check out a video on Valley tables and how they are made in their Texas facility in Fort Worth:

Customization options for the Panther Black is another story. As mentioned before, the cabinet laminate can be of different colors. But when it comes to felt there are 29 available choices! Also, a custom cloth can be added instead of regular factory cloth. Custom cloth can be highly stain resistant and they also differ in wool and nylon blends to affect the ball velocity either positively or negatively.

Talking of customizations the Panther Black can also be fitted with LED lightings under the rail and the table itself. This idea gave birth to a whole new line of Panther tables - the Panther LED coin or non-coin models.

To summarise, the Panther Black Cat pool table from Valley is a real pool table that has been used in tournaments throughout the world and can be found in bars throughout America.


We hope this article was helpful in becoming acquainted with different pool tables in different budget ranges and professional quality.

Gega Gogibedashvili
Gega Gogibedashvili

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