Professional Foosball Tables

October 01, 2021 5 min read

Professional Foosball Tables

ITSF Tournament

In this article, we are going to review top graded foosball tables and talk about what makes them stand out. There are not many manufacturers who can achieve this level of detail. Hence why they are considered top of the list.

Table Of Contents:

  • What Makes A Professional Foosball Table
  • Tornado T-3000
  • Bonzini B90 ITSF
  • Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe
  • Dynamo Big D
  • Conclusion

What Makes A Professional Foosball Table

Quality overall construction arguably makes the top of the list. This includes the materials used in construction, components involved, and assembly skills. A professional table should be made of hardwood followed by metal rods with steel bearings, and leg levelers.

The ball control is absolutely essential to yielding the best foosball experience. Therefore the rods have to be just the right weight and the handles should be comfortable in the hands.

As for the players, you will see that all the tables we are going to review here have one thing in common: counter-balanced players. This means that the players on one side are heavier than those on the other. That is because counter-balanced players make it easier to perform certain types of trick shots possible, like the snake shot.

Tornado T-3000

Tornado T-3000
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Deemed The Best Foosball Table both by the professionals and amateurs alike. The T-3000 is Tornado’s #1 table of choice, and with good reason: combining excellent craftsmanship & durability to provide you the best playing experience possible.

Tornado T-3000 has a sturdy, commercial-grade cabinet made out of wood that makes it more durable than other tables on the market today. The wood cabinet is finished in stainless steel laminate for a very sharp look.

The leg levelers allow the table to be leveled on uneven surfaces, and Tornado T-3000 has heavy-duty leg levelers that will provide you years of service. Aside from leveling on different surfaces, it makes the optimal table height possible since players could very well be of varying sizes.

The rods are hollow-steel and so durable you can literally lift the table with them and there will be virtually no damage caused. Tornado T-3000 rods are not only durable, but they provide outstanding ball control.

Check out how it's actually built:

When it comes to players Tornado brand has patented a special design for its player's feet. The T-3000 players have a wide surface area on their feet, enabling the gamers to have a better grip on the ball and deliver killer blows when scoring!

To top it all off the T-3000 is manufactured in Richland Hills, Texas, and is ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) sanctioned table for tournament play. Also, this model is a counterpart for Tornado Platinum, which is a coin-operated version. This model is suited for bars and commercial sites to stand hours on end gameplay. The T-3000 home version has no coin mechanism but all the features to resist such pressure as bars and rigorous gaming.

In conclusion, Tornado has designed a sturdy, well-made table that is suitable for any environment. It delivers a top-notch foosball experience every gamer will love.

Bonzini B90 ITSF

Bonzini B90ITSF
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Originally made and designed in France and is one of Bonzini’s most popular models for home and tournament use. The B90 has a unique, sleek design and it is built with quality materials to make sure the table will last through any play session. In fact, the design got so popular so fast other companies began to imitate them!

This Bonzini table is ITSF certified, which means it's built to last for competition. It's strong, steady, and plays like a beast! For the serious foosball player who is practicing and training for tournament play, we recommend the unit.

See a quick teaser of Bonzini B90 ITSF in tournament action:

The B90 ITSF has extra features such as a modified player figurine foot design that gives increased ball control, heavier steel crossbeam leg assembly with leg levelers for added weight and stability for rough play, and color-coded scoring bead assembly to keep track of the score.

The best materials available, as well as the greatest attention to detail, are used in the construction of all Bonzini foosball tables. Each handcrafted table is treated with care and pride to demonstrate the firm's dedication to providing the finest playing foosball game on the market.

To summarize, the Bonzini B90 ITSF is a must-have if you are a foosball aficionado or a pro. Owning a Bonzini table like this one will certainly be a center of attention in any game room.

Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe

Shelti Home Pro II Deluxe
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Shelti, another American company to shine in the game table industry. Based in Bay City Michigan, this company offers the best foosball tables for home use.
The Pro Foos II Deluxe is the finest foosball table from Shelti due to its highly responsive and micro-surgically accurate design. The rods, players, and ball control are so refined that the game is simply delightful. This table can handle the most experienced gamers.

The counter-balanced men are playing on a 3/4" playfield and controlled by hollow steel rods with octagonal handles. The Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe has an automatic ball return too. It is the ideal table for those times when you want to play with friends or family, but don't have enough people around to make up two teams of players.

The men are made of ABS and have been computer tested at speeds above 100 mph. They aren't going to shatter even if you play extremely hard. The stainless steel hollow rods and naturally lubricated nylon bushings are constructed to endure.

The beauty of the Mahogany Laminate paint is that it is chip-resistant; cabinet fasteners are enclosed, and overall, the furniture quality is maintained. The 3/4" playfield has a thickness that isn't found on many tables. A thicker playfield leads to more durability.

The right size and angled foot are important to capturing and controlling the ball. Front and rear, the teeth have a 3/16-inch top over the field for optimum ball capture and control. Whereas the sharpened edge allows for more difficult shots.
To conclude, the Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe is an absolute marvel of the foosball industry. Shelti stands for quality, and Shelti's Pro Foos II Deluxe proves it.

Dynamo Big D

Dynamo Big D

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The exquisite mechanics of the Dynamo's Big D foosball table are nothing short of amazing. Its robust construction, which is made of gunstock savoy laminate, fits in with most decors and stands up to use. The commercial-grade leg levelers allow you to adjust the height to your desired setting and remain steady during active play.

Brite colored pallet gives Dynamo Big D a little more pizzazz. In addition, the Dynamo Big D has been designed to be easy on your eyes with its sleek lines, green playfield, blue and red players, and a signature yellow ball.

Although, this model is not designed for tournament-level gameplay it certainly is sturdy enough for home use with loads of professional features. The heavy-duty down corner construction gives the table much-needed stability. Whereas the three-men goalies allow for challenging gameplay for the offense.

The Dynamo Big D is also built in Richland Hills, Texas along with Tornado tables. All the materials are US-based and of top quality.



We hope this article brought more clarity as to which professional tables stand out and why. All of these tables are available in our store so be sure to check them out and start playing foosball!

Gega Gogibedashvili
Gega Gogibedashvili

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