Bonzini B90 Home Foosball Table


The B90 Home Blonde model is the most demanded Bonzini table. Built with signature red rails and a lined playfield this foosball table is the centerpiece in any game room.

Perks & Features:

  • Modified Player foot
  • Built-in Ball Return System
  • Blonde, Black, and Rustic Cabinet Options
  • Telescopic Rods
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Free Pre-Delivery Notice
  • White-Glove Service Available

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The B90 Home Competition model is the most requested foosball table in our inventory.

The traditional red rails, natural beech color cabinet, and black legs are the iconic traits known worldwide to foosball players and enthusiasts.

The ball return, specifically found on Bonzini USA models, is conveniently placed to provide easy ball retrieval for those needed practice sessions.

For clients looking to match darker home décor, the B90 also is provided in the “Rustic” and black versions.

The B90 Home Competition Model is our suggested unit for the recreational foosball player looking for quality, elegant design, and value for the home. However, if you are looking for more of a competition level and less of home leisure then B90 ITSF Tournament is the best choice!


  • Overall Looks for B90 Blonde - Blonde color cabinetwith red rails and black legs
  • Overall Looks for B90 Rustic - Walnut color cabinet with black rails and black legs
  • Overall Looks for B90 Black - Black color cabinet with black rails and black legs
  • Lined Green Playfield for a traditional look
  • Standard Color Figurines - one team Red and White and the other team Blue and White
  • Red and Blue Scoring Beads
  • Black USA Handles
  • Rods - Telescopic designto prevent "spearing effect" for added safety
  • Handles - Bakelite material, interchangeable for player preference
  • Cabinet - Constructed of solid Beech and Beech laminate
  • Polished Aluminum Goal

What's Included

  • 6 Yellow ITSF-B Balls
  • 0.2in Hex Wrench
  • One Torx Wrench
  • One Tube of Super Lube (Multi-Purpose Synthetic-based Oil with PTFE)
  • Assembly Manual

Assorted Starter Pack - Balls & Lubricant:

  • 3 of the traditional "Cork Ball" with a white lacquered finish
  • 3 of the traditional “Cork Ball” in its natural cork
  • 3 of the official tournament ball are used in all ITSF sanctioned tournament events. The composite yellow material provides consistency and durability in play
  • 3 of the traditional "Cork Ball" in a high visibility yellow dye finish
  • 1 Lubricant


  • Customers receive 1-year warranty coverage on the entire table with the exception of the internal and external rods. Beware that the internal and external rods can be damaged by overly aggressive play. Coverage is for manufacturing defects only and not abuse. Inclusive with this warranty is “Figurine Breakage” for 1 year. Not covered, is normal paint wear on the figurines. “Warranty Coverage” pertains to the original table purchaser only.


  • Table Dimensions: L 59in / W 33in / H 35in
  • Weight: 176 lbs.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • How to choose a Foosball Table?

    A very good question, since there are so many verieties of them. Answer the Foosball trio-questions: 1)For home use or coin-op? 2) For a beginner or a pro? 3) Only for kids or anyone else? If you still struggle with making a choise then consult our Free Guide.

  • I have young children at home and I like the way the rods stay inside the table. How does the “Telescopic rod” system work?

    The telescopic rod system is a must if you have small kids around. The rod assembly comes in 2 major pieces. You have an inner and outer rod combination. The figurine is mounted on the outer rod with a “compression” screw. The inner rod is attached to the cabinet wall and the outer rod simply sleeves over it. The outer rod has an internal spring pinned inside close to the handle that restricts the man from making contact to the wall. It is a great example of the tables engineering and forethought to their customers. With the Bonzini telescoping rod design you do not have those external rod guards you find on other brands. Safety features are built into the table not attached to it.

  • How does the Bonzini play differently from other foosball tables?

    The gerflex surface, weighted figurine and grippy ball offer a player a multitude of variations in style of play. Traditionally, the “pin shot” method of play is promoted by Bonzini products and most European style players. Pin shots allow a player to shoot off of a motion offense using ball control methods created to confuse the defender. You have 11 players versus 11 players with humanistic features, like in real soccer, competing against each other.

  • How do I improve my Foosball grip?

    Do not grip the handles too tightly. You must find the ballance between tight and loos grips. Additionaly, the most popular type of grip aid is handle wraps. They offer wide variety of stickiness to accomodate individual player needs. 

  • How do I make sure the rods won\'t bend while playing?

    Most of the tables, unless they're especially crafted for children to play, have strudy rods which do not bend easely. However, it is adviced to use special silicone gel every once in a while which comes as part of the free gift maintenance package. 

  • What muscles should I train to become a better foosball player?

    The forearms. That's where you'll feel the most burn after a game. 

  • Do foosball players have to return to vertical (upright) position from horizontal by gravity alone?

    No, they don't have to. The players which don't return to vertical postion are called "counter-balanced men". These type of players allow for a different style of gameplay compared to "balanced men" type. If you're a beginner then neither will make a considerable difference for you.  

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