Dynamo 8' LP Fire Storm Air Hockey (Coin)

The Dynamo Fire Storm features stunning graphics and in-game sound effects for an added effect to the exciting gameplay. The table is wired with LED lighting which can be configured to light up in different colors and sequences. This model is fitted with a ticket dispenser, a card reader, and a coin mechanism to accommodate venues and businesses.

Perks & Features:

  • FREE Shipping To The Lower 48
  • Adjustable Game Sounds
  • Jam-Proof Scoring
  • Long-Life Commercial-Grade Cabinet
  • CE Approved
  • 1 Year / 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Free Pre-Delivery Notice
  • White-Glove Service Available

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Dynamo 8' LP Fire Storm Air Hockey (Coin) features Interactive LED lighting and a dramatically sculpted overhead design which makes Fire Storm a showpiece in any location or FEC.

A World-class revenue earner, which will be obvious right off the bet.

We at GameDribble.com also offer Dynamo 8' Fire Storm Home Air Hockey Table for home use with the same features except for the coin mechanism. 


  • Adjustable game sounds, with the speaker placed behind each goal end for maximum player enjoyment
  • Interactive multi-color LED lighting for better visuals and graphics
  • Time-tested Dyna-blast blower system for unparalleled game play action
  • Infrared jam-proof scoring with improved goal ends to reduce jamming and downtime
  • Black-lit reactive Flaming orange trim and graphics catch players’ attention
  • Simple programming, PCB easily accessed through the side-mount service door
  • Proven long-life commercial-grade cabinet construction. A Dynamo table is an investment in quality and will stand the test of time
  • LED lighting for long service life, securely mounted under the durable polycarbonate three-piece Dynamo-logo shield set
  • CE Approved
  • Trap door for leg storage during transport no need to carry them separately
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA

Dynamo Air Hockey Accessory Pack ($75 Value) - FREE with your purchase today:

  • 2 Commercial Air Hockey Strikers
  • 2 Commercial Air Hockey Pucks


  • Table Dimensions: L 100in / W 56in / H 71in
    Weight: 475 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: L 103in / W 30in / H 75in
    Weight: 555 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
David H.
This table is awesome. If I could give it 10 stars I would.

As far as the look and feel, there is just nothing There better on the market. The sounds are incredible. Stereo speakers really blast out real hockey sounds as well as pings, bangs and other sounds. Makes for a very immersive experience. The board is really cool with the overhead black lights and alien green mallets.
I own a small sports bar. The table has been pretty much a rockstar. As far as ROI, This table makes me over $100 per week on a good week and on a bad week maybe $50. So at $75 per week it paid for itself in a little over a year. That's pretty good.

If you own a bar, tavern or anyplace else that this would work, I would highly recommend it. It's a moneymaker and my customers love it.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • How does air hockey table surface work?

    The air blower motor underneath the table does that magic of allowing the pucks to slide. Increasing the speed of air motor increases the pucks sliding speed as well!

  • What size room would I need for my air hockey table?

    Ideally you need to double the numbers of a given air hockey table. Some of the larger ones at GameDribble can be as big as L 8' x W 4.5'.

  • Which is better: battery powered air hockey or cable?

    The cable connected air motor yelds much higher level of gameplay. Battery powered ones have the upper hand in mobility, however once the battery deplets you have to replace it, and they don't come cheap. Refer to our free guide for more detailed info.

  • How do I clean the playfield?

    Follow these simple steps to clean the playfield: Step 1) Get rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth; Step 2) Turn on the air blower motor: Step 3) Apply the alcohol to the cloth and use the cloth to wipe down the playfield; Step 4) Wait till the alcohol evaporates before playing. It should not take more than a few minutes.

  • How do I care for the mallets and pucks?

    To increase their lifespan simply sand it with a sandpaper. However, sooner or later we would recommend to replace the pucks and mallets since the damage they'd be getting will eventually become irreparable.

  • Should I get a mallet with felt pads?

    No. Felts under mallets actually degrade the experince and over time even damage the playfield.

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