Shelti Pro Foos II Foosball Table - Mahogany

A highly responsive overall construction puts Pro Foos II right at the top of the best foosball tables from Shelti. The rods, players, and ball control is perfected to such a degree that the gameplay becomes pure joy. 

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  • Octagonal Wooden Handles
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The Shelti Pro Foos II Foosball Table is highly responsive when it comes to gameplay. It performs with ultra-high precision from rod-to-rod, man-to-man, and within every ball-contacting square inch of its play surface.

The Shelti Pro Foos II Foosball Table is capable of shooting full force, delivering the ball precisely where directed, and reacting with total predictability to the player's will.

The ABS-constructed men are automotive grade and have been computer tested at ball speeds over 100 mph. Meaning that they aren’t going to break, no matter how hard you play. The machine-trued stainless steel hollow rods and naturally lubricated nylon bushings are built to last.

The 3/4″ playfield has a thickness seen on very few tables out there. A thicker playfield equals greater durability. Shelti tables are made in Michigan, USA.

The Shelti Pro Foos II Standard will guarantee you, your family, and your friends years of fun!


  • Precisely Sized & Angled Foot. 880-tooth grip consistently 3/16in atop the field for optimum ball capture and control, front & back. Sharp foot edge allows for trickier shots
  • Stainless Steel QPQ Rod Treatment. 1.5in thick walls of rods are specially treated to allow handles and men to be precision fit tightly on rods 
  • Side Ball Return. Retrieve balls right from where you stand 
  • 3-Man Goalie. Full-field play, but also convertible to one-man goalie 
  • Double-Wound Spirol Pins. No "slop" feature to lock men & handles to rods 
  • "Stay-In-Play" Field Trim. The playfield walls are slightly lifted to prevent the ball from stopping
  • Full-Perimeter Playfield Support. Walls are screw-fastened to the sides and under goal for consistently rigid gameplay
  • Counterbalanced Men. The players stay in the position you leave them at
  • High Strength, Automotive-Grade ABS Construction Men. The players are reinforced and tested on 100mph impact 
  • High-Pressure, "Figured Mahogany" Laminate Exterior. Cabinet fasteners are enclosed, the laminate is chip resistant and overall a true furniture quality is maintained 
  • 1½in Nylon-6 Rod Bushings. Rods have natural lubricity and do not bend during even the extreme play
  • Rattle Board to have that special sound when scoring
  • Octagonal Hardwood Handles for improved grip
  • 3½in x 5½in Legs Solid polymer with levelers to ensure perfectly level playfield
  • Injection Molded, Grit-Abraded Urethane Balls for enhanced ball control and centerless ground for true roll
  • Made in MichiganUSA


  • 1-year "Top to Bottom" Limited Warranty


  • Table Dimensions: L 55in / W 30in / H 36in
    Weight: 235 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kim Q.
Nice action with player and balls

Solid and v well made foosball table, great flat surface and nice action with players and ball. Able to withstand quite vigorous play without complaining or getting out of alignment.

David D.
Top accommodation by Gamedribble

Gamedribble did a great job of getting the product to us in the busy Christmas season. Our company has a number of Foosball tournaments in the holiday season that were interrupted when our old table failed. This new one by Shelti is top all the bells and whistles you'd want, built in a sturdy and rigid fashion, and perfect for the corporate/commercial environment. Great experience all way around.

Carl J.
Our "forever table"

I've been playing foosball for 25+ years and finally decided to get our "forever table". A couple of weeks of research later and I decided that this table had the best bang for the buck. This is an all around solid table with all the top quality components you could want. Was somewhat easy to assemble with two people as long as you read the directions carefully and don't get ahead of yourself. Will enjoy this table for many years to come!

Dimitry M.
It is a dream table

I picked up one of these tables for my employer. I did a lot of research, and have played on many different tables. Bottom line: this is the best table out there. Has an amazing blend of speed and control. The standout feature is the black QPQ rods. Initially they were rough and made a "bzzzz" sound, but after breaking in they are the smoothest rods I have ever felt, bar none. I'd have a hard time going back to chrome, which needs constant lube. These black rods - the more you use them the smoother they get! Table construction is a little better than the mighty Tornado; more bracing in places. If you don't know the history, Shelti tables are made in the same factory in Michigan where the Tornado tables were born. The goal has an aluminum backer board that makes a beautiful "smack!" when you score. The feet on the players allows some pretty wicked and consistent angles. I really can't say enough about it - it is a dream table.

Stephen H.
The best I have ever played on anywhere

I have the first version of the Shelti Pro II It is the best I have ever played on. I started playing in 1975 so I have seen a few. If your serious about a table. You owe it to yourself to look at one of these. Everything about them is top notch.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Do you have to use 3 goalies or can you use only one?

    If you don't use three goalies then you would need to purchase the one man goalie conversion kit. It's the plugs for where the players would normally go and then ramps placed in each corner so the ball doesn't get stuck.

  • How do I improve my Foosball grip?

    Do not grip the handles too tightly. You must find the balance between tight and loose grips. Additionally, the most popular type of grip aid is handle wraps. They offer a wide variety of stickiness to accommodate individual player needs.

  • What muscles should I train to become a better foosball player?

    The forearms. That's where you'll feel the most burn after a game.

  • How to choose a Foosball Table?

    A very good question, since there are so many varieties of them. Answer the Foosball trio-questions: 1)For home use or coin-op? 2) For a beginner or a pro? 3) Only for kids or anyone else? If you still struggle with making a choice then consult our Free Guide.

  • Are the feet adjustable for leveling?

    Yes. All of the legs have adjustable levelers.

  • Could it be damaged if I place it in the garage in the winter?

    Use a few blankets to cover it well while not in use.

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