Tornado 8 Player Foosball Table

Perfect for parties and gatherings, the Tornado 8 player foosball table is undoubtedly loads of fun. Overall construction is very sturdy and the gameplay feels like pure bliss.

Perks & Features:

  • FREE Shipping To The Lower 48
  • Heavy-Duty Down Corner Construction
  • Lighted Playfield
  • Suited For 8 Players
  • Commercial Grade Leg Levelers
  • 1 Year / 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Free Pre-Delivery Notice
  • White-Glove Service Available

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Professional and modern level performance in a very large package. This 8 Player table includes heavy-gauge rods, counterbalanced men, commercial-grade levelers, corner downs, and patented split bearings that make Tornado tables a favorite among foosball players worldwide.

The 8 Player table also comes with lights that are grooved into the playfield that makes this table a centerpiece in any location. This table is designed for FEC’s, or corporations that have the room to accommodate such a large frame. The one-piece cabinet is designed for enhanced durability and playability.

(Also available in a 16 player version)


  • Thin-wall split Competition bearings for greater control and shot-blocking
  • Patented Tornado men improved with sharper corners and increased cross-section for better ball control and passing
  • Tornado’s patented split bearing design combines durability, function, and ease of replacement and removal for cleaning and maintenance
  • Laminate playfield with three-color Tornado logo for optimal Foosball experience
  • Redesigned player “foot” allows more precise ball control with higher cross hatching and square sides
  • Dual end ball returns for easier access to the returned ball
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA

Tornado Maintenance Kit ($75 value)
- FREE with your purchase today:

  • 3 official pink/red foosballs. The colored balls are easier to see and feature a rough surface for better grip and balanced friction
  • Abacus scoring unit with game count score for active play. No batteries or wall outlet needed
  • A bottle of silicone. A fresh coat of silicone keeps your rods clean and helps attain maximum lubrication. Important for highly competitive games. Pull the rod toward you, put a drop on top of the rod (outside) and spin it back into the table. Do this on both sides. Just a few drops will change your whole game
  • Rulebook. Contains official USTSA-VIFA Foosball rules. A neutral source of information all players can agree to follow
  • Bearing wrench. This part also is perfectly sized to brace a foosball rod when you are tapping a roll pin in or out - for those of you looking for that wooden block
  • Pin punch. Helpful tool for removing roll pins to replace men and handles

Why You Need Professional & Modern 8 Player Foosball Table:

  • Foosball Table Style - Mainly one will come across standard 1v1 or 2v2 professional Foosball tables. However, Tornado went few steps ahead and outperformed itself - an 8 player Foosball Table is just as good as a standard modern and professional Foosball Table only with room for 8 players! This is not an easy feat to achieve and Tornado has clearly nailed it.
  • Rods - The rods are crafted with special technique to make sure they will not bend, especially when 8 people have at it with full force!
  • The Players - Tornado went as far as to patent its own players! They are designed so that numerous different skills can be honed in and skill-shots be performed. The sky's the limit!
  • Excellent for improving the office atmosphere - All the customers who purchased this table for their work place have reported a steady and clear rise in motivation and inspiration among their co-workers. This can not be called a coincidence. A game of Foosball is certainly a stress reliever and mood improver! 


  • Table Dimensions: L 101in / W 28in / H 36in
    Weight: 450 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: L 108in / W 34in / H 24in
    Weight: 500 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Wung S.
Excellent Quality

Was not expecting the delivery to be so precises. Gameplay wise I loved how all 8 players were into the game and did not have to wait around for the ball to come to them. It is a fast paced excellent quality table. Would recommend easily.

Penny G.
Simply love how it brings family and friends together

I bought this as a Christmas present for my family of 3 kids my husband and me. Called some friends over too. The game was a total blast! I simply love how it brings family and friends together. The assembly was easy since we had some help from costumer support. And if anything happens to the table the insurance pritty much covers everything.

Jill O.
LED Lit!

Really cool feature is the LED lights built into it. Due to the length of the table it increases the visibility tenfold. Tried to get them change 'cus I did not like the color of the lights much, and accidentaly broke the system. However the insurance table covered the costs!

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • How to choose a Foosball Table?

    A very good question, since there are so many verieties of them. Answer the Foosball trio-questions: 1)For home use or coin-op? 2) For a beginner or a pro? 3) Only for kids or anyone else? If you still struggle with making a choise then consult our Free Guide.

  • Do foosball players have to return to vertical (upright) position from horizontal by gravity alone?

    No, they don't have to. The players which don't return to vertical postion are called "counter-balanced men". These type of players allow for a different style of gameplay compared to "balanced men" type. If you're a beginner then neither will make a considerable difference for you.

  • What muscles should I train to become a better foosball player?

    The forearms. That's where you'll feel the most burn after a game.

  • How do I make sure the rods won\'t bend while playing?

    Most of the tables, unless they're especially crafted for children to play, have strudy rods which do not bend easely. However, it is adviced to use special silicone gel every once in a while which comes as part of the free gift maintenance package.

  • Are Tornado or Dynamo Foosball tables only meant for indoor use?

    Yes. At this time there are no outdoor tables from Tornado or Dynamo. However, we have a sizeable collection of other brands which manufacture outdoor Foosball tables.

  • Which is better 1 man goalie or 3 men goalie?

    You can find joy in both. 1 Man Goalie allows for more space, therefore more movement available for the single goalie. This in the hands of a beginner can be challanging and pretty fun. In the hands of an experienced player it can speed up the match and truly show the prowess of the seasoned player. 3 Men Goalie is recommended for the newcomers. It allows much easier defence and isn't too punishing.

  • How do I improve my Foosball grip?

    Do not grip the handles too tightly. You must find the ballance between tight and loos grips. Additionaly, the most popular type of grip aid is handle wraps. They offer wide variety of stickiness to accomodate individual player needs.

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