Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table in Matte Black

Deemed The Best Foosball Table both by the professionals and amateurs alike. The T-3000 rocks a matte black cabinet with strong hollow steel rods. You can literally lift the table with the rods with 0 damage to the table. 

Perks & Features:

  • FREE Shipping To The Lower 48
  • Top Quality Construction
  • Counter-Balanced Men
  • 3-Men Or Single-Goalie Option Upon Purchase
  • Matte Black Laminate Cabinet
  • 1 Year / 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • Free Pre-Delivery Notice
  • White-Glove Service Available

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An all-time legend worldwide among Tournament foosball players and enthusiasts as their table of choice. A reliable favorite for players wanting dependable toughness in their long term investment. It shall be noted that it is ITSF-certified, meaning that Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table in Matte Black brings home all the features of the Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table in Matte Black (Coin), except the coin mechanism.

Optional ITSF Official Logo. Step up your game and upgrade to the Tornado T-3000 ITSF Official Competition Table!

The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) only endorses soccer/foosball tables that meet requirements for international competition. The Tornado T-3000 is on the top of their list and has been featured at many events including the World Cup, World Championships, World Championship Series, Masters, Intercontinental Cup, Champions League, and International Series.

Bring the tournament to your home and play like the pros. Add the official ITSF logo to your Tornado T-3000 today!


  • Thin-wall split competition bearings allow for greater control and shot-blocking through the entirety of the game
  • Tornado's patented split bearing design combines durability, function, and ease of replacement and removal for cleaning and maintenance
  • 3/4in playfield for optimal Foosball experience
  • Classic style blonde-and-black goal and match counters
  • Patented Tornado men improved with sharper banked corners and increased cross section for better ball control and passing 
  • ITSF-sanctioned score assemblies with match and game counters
  • Counter-balanced, low profile men so that the players can stay in the position you left them at
  • Adjustable leg levelers and solid commercial grade legs to control the inclination of the table
  • Color-keyed, super high grip, interchangeable handle system exclusive to Tornado
  • Non telescopic rods allow for durable, smooth action, fast response gameplay
  • Rugged styling with stainless-steel laminate, bold logo graphics and durable end protectors
  • Split cabinet design with full-access top to easily clean and maintain the table 
  • 1 or 3 man goalie available to entertain both types of gameplay
  • T-3000 Cabinet design allows table to be shipped assembled, allowing for quick and easy set-up on location. Less than an hour from box to first game
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA

Tornado Maintenance Kit ($75 value) 
- FREE with your purchase today:

  • 3 official pink/red foosballs. The colored balls are easier to see and feature a rough surface for better grip and balanced friction
  • Abacus scoring unit with game count score for active play. No batteries or wall outlet needed
  • A bottle of silicone. A fresh coat of silicone keeps your rods clean and helps attain maximum lubrication. Important for highly competitive games. Pull the rod toward you, put a drop on top of the rod (outside) and spin it back into the table. Do this on both sides. Just a few drops will change your whole game
  • Rulebook. Contains official USTSA-VIFA Foosball rules. A neutral source of information all players can agree to follow
  • Bearing wrench. This part also is perfectly sized to brace a foosball rod when you are tapping a roll pin in or out - for those of you looking for that wooden block
  • Pin punch. Helpful tool for removing roll pins to replace men and handles


The Official Table for Competitive Play

The Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table in Matte Black Foosball Table is certified by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) for tournament training and tournament play. The T-3000 is also the only official table for the Tornado National Foosball League and the Tornado National Tour. It's the most commonly used tournament foosball table in the world, namely: Used in the World Cup, World Championships, World Championship Series, Masters, Intercontinental Cup, Champions league and International Series!


What Sets the T-3000 Apart?

  • Ships 90% Assembled - The T-3000 ships 90% assembled. The cabinet and framing arrives assembled, so you don't have to worry about what goes where much. 
  • Superb Design and Aesthetic Appeal - The T-3000 comes with a commercial-grade wood cabinet (frame) with a stainless steel laminated finish. Many players have pointed out that the design is "just right".
  • Non-Slip, Eight Sided Handles - Each handle is molded with specialized high-traction non-slip materials. These handles are designed to provide the maximum force and perfect grip for making rapid shots. You might not even need extra handle wraps to increase the grip!
  • Hollowed Steel Rods for Speed Shots - The T-3000 features hollowed out steel rods. The hollow centers means players need to exert less energy for a kick, which translates to faster spins and higher powered shots. Not to mention the rods won't bend since they are heat-treated. 
  • High-Strength Rod Bearings - The bearings are the plastic pieces at the end of the rods, where the rods and the table connect. The T-3000 features high strength, specially designed bearings that offer top notch control. They also allow you to block powerful shots, without the table or the rod shaking. Definitely a feature that will make this table stand out when compared to other tables in terms of overall balance during gameplay.
  • Improved Player Figures with Wider Corners - The new Tornado player figures come with wider foots for better shots. The rectangular sides and cross hatchings increase traction on the ball and improve ball movement. Plenty of room for skill growth. 
  • ITSF-Sanctioned Score, Match and Game Counters - Say goodbye to old fashioned score counters. With the T-3000 counters, you'll be able to keep track of matches and games, instead of just individual game scores. Want to play "best of three" like the pros? The T-3000 makes it possible!
  • Commercial-Grade Legs with Included Levelers - Having a flat playing surface is critically important in foosball. That's why the T-3000 is designed with high stability, commercial-grade legs. Leg levelers are built in to ensure the inclination of the table can be balanced on most surfaces.
  • 100% Made in America - The Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table in Matte Black Foosball Table is built in Richmond Hills, Texas. Not only are you supporting US manufacturing by purchasing a Tornado table - you're also getting the highest quality materials from local producers.


  • Table Dimensions: L 56in / W 30in / H 36in
    Weight: 355 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: L 59in / W 59in / H 26in
    Weight: 365 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simon E.
It's solid

It's solid, sturdy and can take on a frequent hardcore gameplay. Almost a year I've had this, not a dent or chip nor a wobble.

Betty B.
Durable and top quality

Me and my friends play with it almost everyday. Durable and top qiality!

Lori K.
Love the paint job!

Love the paint job! Assembly was not easy. Took almost 2 hours to get it right. But man was it worth it. Awesome looks and this superb gameplay certainly makes this a lot of fun.

Mike C.
The color gives it a great feel too.

Sturdy construction for sure. The color gives it a great feel too.
Amazing how the website is easy to navigate to place the order. The delivery took about 2 weeks to get to me in WI. Assembled it with my friend under an hour. And finally played for a whole day on that day. Totally recommend it.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Can I get the field customized?

    No, Tornado Foosball tables do not have that faeture. However, there are other tables that can be customized. Follow this link.

  • How do I improve my Foosball grip?

    Do not grip the handles too tightly. You must find the ballance between tight and loos grips. Additionaly, the most popular type of grip aid is handle wraps. They offer wide variety of stickiness to accomodate individual player needs.

  • Which is better 1 man goalie or 3 men goalie?

    You can find joy in both. 1 Man Goalie allows for more space, therefore more movement available for the single goalie. This in the hands of a beginner can be challanging and pretty fun. In the hands of an experienced player it can speed up the match and truly show the prowess of the seasoned player. 3 Men Goalie is recommended for the newcomers. It allows much easier defence and isn't too punishing.

  • Are Tornado or Dynamo Foosball tables only meant for indoor use?

    Yes. At this time there are no outdoor tables from Tornado or Dynamo. However, we have a sizeable collection of other brands which manufacture outdoor Foosball tables.

  • How do I make sure the rods won\'t bend while playing?

    Most of the tables, unless they're especially crafted for children to play, have strudy rods which do not bend easely. However, it is adviced to use special silicone gel every once in a while which comes as part of the free gift maintenance package.

  • What muscles should I train to become a better foosball player?

    The forearms. That's where you'll feel the most burn after a game.

  • Do foosball players have to return to vertical (upright) position from horizontal by gravity alone?

    No, they don't have to. The players which don't return to vertical postion are called "counter-balanced men". These type of players allow for a different style of gameplay compared to "balanced men" type. If you're a beginner then neither will make a considerable difference for you.

  • Which foosball should i get for an office where it will see a heavy use?

    You need a sturdy table. Tornado T-3000 would be a good choice.

  • How to choose a Foosball Table?

    A very good question, since there are so many verieties of them. Answer the Foosball trio-questions: 1)For home use or coin-op? 2) For a beginner or a pro? 3) Only for kids or anyone else? If you still struggle with making a choise then consult our Free Guide.

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