Valley Panther LED Pool Table

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The new Panther LED table now offers LED backlit cushion rails, pockets, and sleek under lighting which will jazz up any location. This table is only available in 93in model and comes in standard black laminate finish with black cloth and blue LED lighting. You can customize your table in whatever color cloth and lights that we have available.

The Panther LED will require direct power. 5-bolt competitive style cushions come with Valley Ultra cloth designed for ultimate playability.


  • LED lit cushion rails, pockets and under lighting to give it that attractive look
  • Large pockets allows a faster gameplay
  • Fully customizable LED Cushion rail and pocket under lighting to accommodate different tastes of pool tables for individual players

Make Sure To Get The Valley Pool Accessory Kit ($200 value):

  • 4 Cue Sticks
  • Ball Set
  • Triangle
  • Chalk


    • Table Dimensions: L 93in / W 53in / H 32in
      Weight: 710 lbs.
      Slate: 3/4in
    • Shipping Dimensions: L 98in / W 30in / H 73in
      Weight: 760 lbs.

    • Table Dimensions: L 101in / W 56in / H 31in
      Weight: 845 lbs.
      Slate: 7/8in
    CLICK HERE for the Assembly Manual
    CLICK HERE for the Data Sheet

    Questions & Answers

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    • How high should the lamps be above the pool table?

      The lamps should be 32" - 36" above the felt's surface.

    • Will the cushion rubber last me for good amount of time?

      Yes it will. At least 25 years. The pool tables we sell at GameDribble are fitted with K66 cushion rails. These rails will rebound the ball with almost the same force as it hit the first rail. As a result after hitting the first rail the ball will hit 3 - 4 more cushions if there are no other balls in the way.

    • How do I brush the felt the right way?

      Best practice is to stay in one direction while brushing. Aside from a brush you can use a vacuum cleaner with brush attached to it or a lint roller for pet hair or hair in general.

    • What's the lifespan of my felt?

      Depends on the use frequency. If you play daily for let's say 5 hours expect a 3 year lifespan. That is to say if you have covered the table with a clean cloth when not in use or vacuumed the felt every now and then from chalk dust.

    • When should I change the cue tip?

      As soon as the tip's worn down to the size of a nickel you should have it changed.

    • Is it okay to have a pool table upstairs instead on the ground floor?

      Yes it is as long as your establishment or house meets the necessary standards. If you are not sure we would recommend having it checked before putting 800 lbs. table in there.

    • How much does a pool table weigh?

      If you're looking at a 8' Slate pool table it can easely be 800 lbs.

    • Is it possible to break a billiard ball by hitting it too hard?

      Yes it is. Although not all the materials can be damaged so. Aramith balls are highly resilient to this kind of force, however, hairline damage is always possible.

    • Why should I chalk a cue stick?

      To prevent the cue from sliding off of the cue ball prematurely. The chalk provides extra friction which translates to more accurate and precise cue ball control.

    • What\'s the difference between Billiards and Snooker?

      Billiards is the name for the collection of games that are played on a table with balls and a cue stick. Snooker and Pool are part of this collection. Goal in Snooker is to score more red balls and then the rest of the balls in a specific order. Pool on the other hand consists of several types of games: 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Straight Pool and One Pocket Pool.

    • How big should the room be where the pool table will go?

      A lot depends on the size of the pool table. The larger it is the longer cue stick you will need, therefore an extra space to be able to move about and use the cue freely. Reffer to this when considering the sizes: 7' pool table - 16' x 13' room size; 8' pool table - 17' x 13' room size; 9' pool table - 18' x 14' room size. For more details than this please refer to our Free Guide.

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